Denver Theatrical Stage, Film and Exhibition Employees’ Union, Local No. 7
Hiring Hall Rules for Union Stagehands, Exhibition & Film Employees
Work Line 303/592-1876
Business Line 303/534-2423

To be referred for work you must:• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Have a telephone at your place of residence or be able to be reached at any time of the day. Failure to notify the Union of address and telephone changes will be considered a voluntary withdrawal from the referral list.
• Agree to be bound by and sign a copy of these Hiring Hall Rules.

WORK CALLS:Referrals for work may be via a telephone call to the telephone number currently on file at the Union office or in person by the Business Representative or the Business Representative’s delegate. Telephone numbers that are not in working order or that no longer belong to the referent will be removed from the Hiring Hall records and no calls will be made to that referent until a correct phone number is provided. No messages or voice mail to the referent regarding work calls will be left.
• Referents that the Hiring Hall is unable to contact on three (3) occasions during any thirty (30) day period without prior notification to the Hiring Hall shall be removed from the referral list until such time as the referent requests of the Union office to be reinstated to the referral system.
• Referents with concerns regarding their respective job referrals shall state those concerns in writing to the Local 7 office.

UPON ACCEPTING WORK CALLS YOU ARE REQUIRED TO:• Report for work on time and be ready to begin work at the call time.
• Have U.S. or state government-issued photo I.D. and social security card or passport to fulfill “I-9” and “W-4” requirements.
• Have the required personal tools necessary to perform the assigned work.
• Follow the directives of the contractors and their agents.
• Observe appropriate company job site rules regarding attire, smoking, eating, excessive cell phone usage, breaks and safety.
• Referents that commit acts of dishonesty or report to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal and/or illicit substances or who test positive for same, or engage in on the job use, possession, sale or distribution of alcohol or illegal or illicit substances shall be subject to suspension or termination from the employer.
• Conduct yourself professionally in your relations with contractors, contractors’ clients, managers, and co-workers.
• Refrain from any acts or conduct which would be considered just cause for suspension or termination under general principles of labor arbitration.
• Remain on the job until the completion of the initial call and/or call back as required. Referents may not quit or leave a job in order to take another unless requested or reassigned by the Local.
• Inform the Job or House Steward and the Local #7 office at 303/534-2423 if you cannot accept a call back for a job.
• Refer any questions or complaints concerning conditions, hours, safety or the like to the Job or House Steward.

CANCELLING A WORK CALL:• To cancel an accepted referral you must notify the Local 7 office at least twelve (12) hours before the call time at 303/534-2423 and speak with the Union Office Manager or leave a message in the general voice mailbox.

If you have any questions regarding the Local 7 Hiring Hall Rules, please call the Local 7 office at 303/534-2423.