Tools and Supplies

Each Employee referred to the "Job Site" shall have in their possession, at all times, suitable personal tools and carrying vehicle.

ALWAYS have ID and Social Security card or other suitable documentation for W4 and I9 completion.

Failure to bring required tools to the "Job Site" could result in being dismissed for the remainder of the day.

Such tools shall consist of no less than the following:
• 8" Flat-head Screwdriver
• 8" Phillips Screwdriver
• 8" Slip Joint Pliers
• 8" Crescent Wrench
• 30' Measuring Tape
• Pair of Work Gloves
• Pen
• Hammer 12oz. or Larger
• Staple Gun (Duo-fast brand) Model # CS 6500 or equivalent
• Utility Knife
• Wire Cutters
• Wonder Bar or Pry Bar
• SAE & Metric Allen Wrenches
• 1/4" Ratchet with 5mm Allen Tip (Referred to as a MIS Tool)
• Cordless drill and drill bit set